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​How do I

place an order?

We are currently distributing wholesale orders in the United States, so if you would like to carry The Magnabowl in your shop, check out our wares page and fill out the order form or email

Reside in Canada?  All of our distribution up north is through our friends at 3BD Holdings, visit their website at



& Shipping

We accept all major credit cards and will also ship C.O.D.  

For further questions call 1-855-MAGBOWL or email


What should I do with a broken Magnabowl?

All of our products are hand made, so we put a great degree of care into each piece.  However, defects naturally happen, and glass can break.  No stress, we'll replace any pipe with a magnet defect.  If you love YOUR Magnabowl and would like us to fix it, we can do so for a small fee.  Call us  at 1-855-MAGBOWL so we can jump right on it and send you a replacement!


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