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The Glass

The basis of our product line is quality blown glass.  Without it, what would be the point?  Its sturdy, solid, clean, and attractive.  And thats before the other features come in.

The Magnet

The magic is in the magnets.  Each and every one has a magnetic ring around the glass bowl that holds a lid in place.  They also all have an additional magnet on the back.  This means you can stick a lighter to it and pass it over, or hang it up on anything that a magnet will latch onto.  A few ideas we discovered to get you started:  refrigerator, metal shelving, golf cart, metal wall studs, etc.  Near endless possibilites!

The Lid

Slide that lid off to the side to load it up (it'll stay right there, remember its magnetic)!  You'll never knock it over and spill your precious stash (if you're kind of clutzy like us).  Seriously, throw it across the room, that lid isn't coming off.  It also keeps the smoke from dissipating into the air, so no loss there.  Bonus: that means the only way your smoke can go is up the pipe!

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