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Crack a case with the Sherlock, and keep everything in one place while you do it with a handy magnet on the back of the curve in addition to the lid.

Inside-out Sherlock

SKU: 0006
  • "Inside-out" refers to those cool swirling color patterns inside the glass, opposed to one solid color or colors "wrapped" around the outside. Inside-out is far and away our most popular look.

    *Every Magnabowl has a magnetic bowl and comes with a logo-imprinted lid. Each one also has additional magnets in different locations, which vary by piece type and size.*

  • All of our products are hand made, so we put a great degree of care into each piece. However, defects naturally happen, and glass can break. No stress, we'll replace any pipe with a magnet defect or any glass that breaks in transit. If you're in love with the specific damaged Magnabowl and would like us to fix it, we can do so for a small fee. Call us at 1-855-MAGBOWL so we can jump right on it!

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